We are dedicated to giving you the very best of products, with a focus on Safety, Quality, Customer Service and Uniqueness.

Whether access, bridging, mobile scaffolds, steps, maintenance steps, access steps, platforms, platform steps and maintenance platforms, you get a solution easily speaking to our technical expert – and without missing out on advice from our customer service department.

Right way to choose your ladder ?

Ladder Factory ensures that you choose the most suitable product, you may ask yourself a few questions in advance to make the product search easier.

  1. What is the maximum working height that needs to be reached? How tall the person is also plays an important role in this context.
  2. How much work material is being carried when working at heights? This is also important for the load bearing capacity and the width of the steps or the working platform.
  3. How much is the load that the ladder, the step or the scaffold has to support? Please note the weight of  the person + work material(s).
  4. How wide should the product be on the side used for climbing?
  5. Do you carry the climbing aid or transport it in a vehicle often?
  6. Do I need products made of materials that have to be suitable for specific environmental factors such as chemicals, temperatures, electricity?
  7. Don’t hesitate to ask these questions of the people who will be using the ladders and scaffolding so that they can feel safe when at work, and are happy with the work equipment you chose.
The World’s Toughest Requirements are not enough.

The Suppliers we have partnered with have stood for the highest quality. This is true for our products and to a great extent for our services. This is because we know customised products and solutions also require the highest level of personalised service. Here is what are ready to do: from comprehensive consultation to smooth logistics, from certified training programmes to reliable spare parts supply.

Whatever you need at a given moment: Ladderfactory.com is there for you.

We can offer you comprehensive project planning to help address all your requirements.  We can plan and optimise your product and system solutions based on a requirement analysis, and subsequently assist you in the implementation. And even after a project is completed, we will still be there for you with help and advice.

On-Call or On-site consultation conducted by trained staff”

Our service:

  • Professional on call consultation from our team who have received comprehensive and current training.
  • Professional consultation at your work site conducted by our team who have received comprehensive and current training.


  • You will benefit from the extensive business and technical expertise of our staff.
  • Flexible appointment.
  • You will have all information regarding your industry and product segments relevant to you at a glance and be able to access additional product information at any time.
  • Quick consultation and problem resolution.